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Ramoji film city has been established at 1600 acre land. It is world’s largest film studio and it has also been regarded as the Asia’s most famous recreation and tourism centers. If you are really a discerning movie maker then RFC will be providing you with international and comprehensive production, post-production and pre-production services. Ramoji film city has also established its own Ramoji film city film school as well as Ramoji film city production houses.

  • Currently, it is providing its comprehensive services to more than 20 production houses simultaneously.
  • For leisure and business travelers, Ramoji film centre will be providing you with best holiday experience.
  • You will be delighted with the infinite excitement that it will bee providing to you.
  •  You will be astonished to know that million tourists come here and they enjoy rejuvenating fantasies.

In fact, ramoji film centre for them is like a dream world. The infrastructure of this RFC is also amazing. You cannot compare with professional expertise that they are providing it to you. If you go through the statistics then you will come to know that currently, RFC is earning millions of profits every year.

  • Ramoji film centre is also operating two luxuries hotels namely-Tara and Sitara hotels. Both of these hotels are opened for the tourists as well as for the crew members of production houses.
  • You will be getting here access to world class facilities, but you should be ready to spend a good amount.
  • These are 3 star and 5 star hotels and will be providing you with quality and valuable amenities.


Ramoji film centre was established by Mr.Ramoji Rao. He is chairman of Ramoji Group. Infrastructure of Ramoji film centre includes set constructions, costumes, equipments and cameras, film processing, Mock-ups, locations that are custom designed, properties, SFX/post production houses. If you have a good script then you can visit this Ramoji film centre.

  • Ramoji group has been involved with film industry from last 2 decades. Ushakiron movies are a big production house company and it has produced more then 60 movies in various languages.
  • These include Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, Bangla and Marathi. Ramoji film centre is having a committed association with film industry and it also understands the demands of film industry as well as long hopes of movie –makers.
  •  In this way, Ramoji Film centre has been successful in providing convenient facilities to various film makers. This centre will be providing you with services that are comprehensive, uncompromising and cost effective in terms of quality.
  • The entire city rests on entire foundation of this Ramoji Film centre. Ramoji group has got complete understanding of film makers. It also understands their real needs and fulfills them in the best possible way it can do.
  • Ramoji group is known for various distinguishing engagement sectors. Tourism is also regarded as one of the most essential aspects of Ramoji film centers. You will be astonished to know that more than million of tourist visit every here just to enjoy watching their favorite stars dancing.
  • In case, you are planning to stay at Hyderabad, then you don’t need to search for the rooms. You can take a room in any of the hotels- Tara hotel or Sitara Hotel.


These hotels are having world class infrastructure and you will also get here world class facilities as well. If you want to enjoy watching the complete view of this Ramoji film centre then you can get into Hawa Mahal. There is miniature and this is popular as Fort of Golcanda. From that, you will be getting a complete view.


If you are planning for a holiday with your family then Ramoji film centre has lot to offer you. You can book for yourself holiday package and enjoy your vacations at ramoji film centers. It will be great if you do the advance booking of hotel as well as holiday packages so that you can get them in advance.

  • Every year, tourists come here in thousands so it gets really very difficult to find a room for you. Both of these hotels are having more than 160 rooms and they also have special suites as well.
  • If you are recently married and you are planning to book for yourself honeymoon packages, then you can do the booking of the same through Ramoji Film centre. It has got amazing honeymoon packages for all its tourists.
  • You can also do the booking of banquet halls for enjoying the corporate retreats as well as corporate conventions.

So, what are you waiting for do your booking today only and live your dreams to the fullest. Believe yourself; once you visit this amazing centre, you will forget yourself. Ramoji film city production houses are doing a great job as they are producing hundreds of movies in one year in various languages. If you are visiting this Ramoji Film centre for the first time then you would be requiring the help of guide.

  • You can definitely take here a guided tour. In order to enjoy the film complex, you can take your route from Mauryan Empire road or you can also go through the Mughal Empire roads. Climate of Hyderabad is also moderate.
  •  So, you will not be facing any kind of troubles with its summer and winter climates. Temperatures during the summer seasons are usually 4o degrees.
  • During the time of winters, temperature is usually 15 degrees. So, you will not be feeling too hot and neither too cold. Sitara hotel and Tara hotel will be providing you with world class facilities.
  • You can relax yourself in gyms and in various health centers. You will also find a reading room where you can go and read book on number of topics. If you love playing sports, then you will be finding here for yourself basket ball courts as well as volley ball court.

You can also enjoy playing here tennis. History of Ramoji film centre is very amazing. You should definitely plan visit this ramoji film centre at least once in your life.

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Ramoji Film City Film School

Planning to do a course in movie making? If yes, then you can enroll yourself in Ramoji film city film school. It is one of the best state of the art academies that have been established in Ramoji film centre.

  • This school has been registered in records of Guinness world books. This film centre is self contained and it will be providing you with custom designed properties, shooting stages, costumes, equipments, cameras, film processing equipments, post production SFX digital and post productions audios as well.
  • If you are really crazy about learning television and film activities then taking admission into RAFT is the best decision that you could ever make.
  • The best thing about Ramoji film city film school is that you will be getting here on set understanding as well as classroom training too.
  • You will be learning art of film making with some of the best professionals of film industry.


This academy is having distinguished facility and it comprises of industry professionals only. You will be given here theoretical skills as well as practical skills too. Once, you have taken admission in this RAFT then you will be able to make your career in television as well as into the movies.

  • You will be getting ample of opportunities here from the fields of post production, pre production and in production. You never know that one day you can me a big and famous star too.
  • You will be definitely aware of this fact that, if you want to go at a higher position in this film industry then you need to have a lot of connections.
  • It is only the connections that can do miracles for you. Ramoji film city film school makes use of its film industry connections that it has got from past 2 decades.
  • In this way, it invites various prominent personalities of film industry. These prominent personalities conduct various workshops at RAFT. They will be telling you about the various filmmaking aspects as well as about their struggles in earlier stages.
  • This film school will be providing you with excellent opportunities with which you will able to nurture your talent and you will be able to prepare yourself for rewarding as well as successful career.
  • This academy is running various Diploma courses. You can also enroll yourself in post graduate diploma courses as well. All these courses are practically applicable and informative too.

Admissions In Ramoji Film City Film School

In case, you are planning to admission into thus school then here are the eligibility criteria. If you have completed yours graduation in any stream, you are eligible to apply for the post graduate diploma courses that are being run by this academy. If you are a student who is waiting for it final undergraduate results then also you are applicable for applying in cinematography as well as in direction too. In case, you are aspiring to make your career into editing. Acting, sound designing and audio recording then you should pass plus 2 examinations or intermediated exams. If you are applying for the sound and editing programmes then it is very essential to have a certificate course in computers.

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Process Of Admissions In Ramoji Film City Film School

In order to get admission into this ramoji film centre, you will be required to pass the entrance examination.

  • This examination will be held around various centers across whole of India. If you get selected in the examination then you will be called for the personal interviews.
  • You will have to go through the screen test. Screen test is conducted only for those applicants who are planning to make their career in acting programmes.

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Admission Process In Ramoji Film City Film School

An entrance examination will be held at various centers in India and listed candidates will be called for a personal interview.

  • A screen test will be conducted for applicants to the Acting programme. Courses offered by this ramoji film centre are- post graduate diploma in screen play writing and in direction.
  • You can also take admission into PG diploma in cinematography. Both these courses are of 2 years and you will have to undergo 4 semesters.
  • Some of the diploma courses that are being run by this ramoji film schools are acting diploma, editing diploma (television and film), design and audio recoding diploma (sound mixing and audio).
  • These courses are of 1 year and you will have to undergo through 2 semesters.

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 Advantage Of Ramoji Film City Film School Over Others

This ramoji film school is having distinct advantages over other schools. One of the main reasons behind this is that it has got strategic location advantage as well as industry advantages too. This school is having finest infrastructure. This school will be providing with you distinguishing faculties. These faculties are drawn from industries.

  • If you want to idolize your skills, then you should definitely take admission into this school. This academy, will be completely transforming your professional lives.
  • This place will be providing you with the unmatched expertise and state of art equipments. RAFT is having capabilities with which it will be able to familiarize its students with different film making aspects.
  •  Apart from that, it will also train for the professional situations as well as for creative and real life situations.
  • In terms of equipments and in terms of infrastructure, you will be getting best over here. You just cannot compare the faculty and the level of interaction that you will be getting here.
  • It will be just the best. In Ramoji film city film school, it has been ruled out the need of equipment sharing. This includes sound mixing device as well as equipments too.
  • You can make use of equipments foe show casing your talent and as well as for learning purpose as well. this is one of the biggest studio complex in whole world and therefore, you will not be facing any kind of difficulties in carrying out yours own post production work of sound designing and editing.
  • RAFT will be providing you with a platform through which you will be able to develop your talents along with that you will be gaining a perspective through which you can prepare yourself for a rewarding and successful career in film industry.

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Ramoji film city production

Ramoji film centre will be providing you with comprehensive services as well as production facilities. You will be astonished to know that this ramoji film centre is simultaneously providing its production services to more than 20 production houses. If you have a script, but you are lacking for resources, then you don’t need to worry. You just need to visit this Ramoji film centre and you will be getting here customized resources all ready. This film centre has been regarded as the largest film centre in whole world. It will be providing you with comprehensive services, quality services, technologically advanced services and all that at convenience. This ramoji film centre is having connection with all big names and this is one of the big reason due to which this ramoji centre is designed and managed with professionalism.

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Some Of The Ramoji Film City Production Services Are As Follows

  • Lighting This film studio will be providing you with bright illuminated lights. You can easily get here Tungsten. This will be of 80 watts to 5000 watts. You can also get here Kinoflos, ARRI PAR and various other types of lighting systems. Ramoji film assures that all your production related needs are fulfilled under one roof.
  • Grip Instruments This film centre also operated an equipments department. It will be stocking all film making instruments. All the instruments present here are technologically advanced and these equipments are being preferred by movie makers throughout the world.
  • Camera Every film maker is concerned about the quality of camera that he is using in its film making process.
  • You will not be aware of this fact that camera is the most important equipment that is used in the process of film making.
  • It is your camera only that will be recording all yours imaginative experiences and turns them into reality.
  • You will be able to watch movies with clarity as well as persuasive forces too. Ramoji film centre will be providing you with the best of camera equipments as well as its accessories too.
  • You just need to visit this centre with your crew members and start with making of your movie. All other requirements will be taken care off.
  • Production crew members Film industry is regarded as the largest industry in whole world.
  • If you are searching for some of the best movie technicians then you need to visit Mumbai, Cochin, Hyderabad and Chennai.
  • If you are searching for extra ordinary smart and talented people then just visit Ramoji film centre. It has having a pool of all these.
  • Accommodation If you are planning to visit Ramoji film centre and you are worried about your stay, then don’t be. You will be having here access to economy class as well as super luxury hotels. All these hotels will be in your budget.
  • Facilities provided at Tara and Sitara hotels are world class and will be catering with all your needs.
  • You can also do the booking of banquet hall for yourself. You can also arrange business parties. From time to time, various events and other special events take place here.
  • Location It is very essential for the movie makers to search for the exclusive locations in order to carry out their shoot. But, it really gets impossible search for a new location every time.
  • You just need to visit the Ramoji film centre. Here, you will be getting ample of locations where you can easily carry out the film shooting.
  • The best thing about this ramoji film centre is that you will be getting here access to customized sets.

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Easy manipulation of airports, castles and apartments is possible here. In case, you are planning to make a movie, then you need to contact the officials of this ramoji film centre in advance, as it is very difficult to get dates over there.

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